Giles Crouch | Digital Anthropologist
Giles Crouch | Digital Anthropologist

Digital anthropology is a subset of anthropology. While I'm trained as a cultural anthropologist, I apply this knowledge to our digital world and the digital technologies we are using to shape our work, lives and societies. I am not an academic.

My anthropology skills have helped me create and build four technology companies. Three of which succeeded and one of which failed. The only continent I've not been on is Antarctica.

In my daily work to pay the bills, I advise organisations on how to improve technology products that are more human-centred. The result for my clients is happier customers and more revenue. I've launched a number of technology products into global markets over the years. It's a lot of fun!

I've been featured in Forbes Magazine, Wired Magazine and National Geographic and I am regularly interviewed by news media around the world. I've delivered over 80 speaking engagements, workshops and keynotes and am often invited back. Media say I'm good at soundbytes, while those I've presented to say I tell stories well. Perhaps.

I'm Welsh, going back a few hundred years in the Pembrokeshire area. I speak and am learning, Welsh. Which is not Gaelic. Today I live on the east coast of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia. Like Wales, it is often cold, damp and miserable, which is perfect.

I've lead groundbreaking netnographic research projects for the United Nations (UNDP & UNOCHA), Global Affairs Canada, Freedom House and Medicins Sans Frontiers. To date I've completed over 200 netnographic research projects and over 40 workplace ethnographic projects. I've applied my work in UX research and UX strategies for startups and enterprise clients.

You can find my personal website here.

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Giles Crouch | Digital Anthropologist

Giles Crouch | Digital Anthropologist

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Digital / Cultural Anthropologist | I'm in WIRED, Forbes, National Geographic etc. | I help companies create & launch human-centric technology products.